Monthly Spiritual Exercise Group – An Evening Retreat With Sister Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT.

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The opening healing prayers are read at the beginning of each monthly call.  See below.

Purpose: Facing Our Immortality offers a monthly support group designed for those who are dealing with cancer or serious illness in their lives, either personally or alongside a suffering loved one. The purpose of the Spiritual Exercise Group is to elevate conversation and understanding, offering a deeper faith-based perspective of where our life-experience, especially at the present time, has God, and His plan/dream for us personally, at the center. This will involve working deeply with the mystery of suffering in our lives. And the Holy Spirit will animate much of this unfolding and direction with each group.

We follow the principles of the Catholic Church but are open to anyone who is interested in this unique ministry.  This is a place where we can be in communion with Jesus and with one another. The cancer ministry support group takes place in a safe, supportive and confidential atmosphere where people can share their cancer stories and receive spiritual healing.

Session Format: We will begin with an opening prayer followed by a Spiritual Exercise developed by Fr. James Flanagan of The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).


“We humbly approach you O Most Holy Trinity as we beg for your healing. You are Our Father and we trust in your goodness as you draw us daily to become what you call us to be. We humble ourselves before you as we acknowledge your greatness and your infinite mercy. Please dispel within us any form of idolatry, that we may truly worship you with all our being, as Mary our Mother did.

Jesus, our eternal shepherd, we come to you like the many sick and the infirm that approached you. We beg you to fill our hearts and our souls with the faith of the Centurion, who only asked you to say but the word, and he knew that his servant would be healed. Or like the woman, we come to touch your garments with great confidence that your healing power will flow through this cloth to the one it is placed upon now. For those of us who struggle with believing in your power to heal, we pray that you help our unbelief.

Holy Spirit, we rely on the humility that you give us as we bring our request before your presence. We often do not know what to ask and how to ask. Often we struggle with knowing what God’s will is for one who is sick. Yet we know that it is your love that can enkindle the flame within our feeble hearts. Help us to accept the healing that comes from your love; so that we may praise the glory of your Name!

We ask you Mother Mary to intercede with all the angels and saints for God’s healing of those who are sick. Cast your mantle of healing over them and restore them to wholeness and health.”  

“Our Father………”

“Hail Mary…….….”

“Glory Be! ……….”

“O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we thank you for hearing our prayer. Help us all to be open to your healing, so that we may love you the more and have the strength to serve all those that you place in our lives. Give us the joy that once restored to health, we too may reach out to others and bring your healing power to them. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord!  Amen.’

“Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity! Pray for us.”

Spiritual Exercise Group Calls History

05/11/20 – The Spiritual Contest And The Mind

04/12/20 – Easter In A Time Of Pandemic

03/09/20 – Emotions And Truth

02/17/20 – Keys For Change

01/13/20 – Homing Toads And Beatific Instinct

12/09/19 – The Season Of The Secret

11/04/19 – The Command To Be Perfect

10/14/19 – Anointing Of The Sick

09/09/19 – Giving Up Secrets

08/12/19 – A Life Freely Lived

07/08/19 – Discernment In The Modern Age

05/20/19 – Our Lady Of Conquering Love

04/01/19 – Hope

03/11/19 – Stirring Up The Waters

02/11/19 – The Angels

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