Cancer Retreat

Join us June 1-3, 2018 at Mother Cabrini Shrine located in Golden, Colorado

Facin Our Immortality Retreat(2)

We are truly blessed to be able to bring this beautiful retreat to Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, Colorado.  If you are suffering spiritually and have internal conflict related to the abrupt changes in your life, brought on by your cancer, we can help bring you peace.

This retreat incorporates a healing mass, spiritual exercises from St. Ignatius of Loyola and healing workshops to bring you closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We will offer group conversation but also important time in silence and prayer so that you can experience the full benefits of this retreat.  There is only room for 10 people so please register as soon as possible.

The main themes presented during the retreat are the following:

Facing Our Immortality

God’s Dream (Plan) for Your Life

Paschal Mystery and Spiritual Warfare

Lessons from Heaven-Trusting the Father.

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis but the reassurance that God is with us always, and even more so in suffering and uncertainty, helps us move through with trust and dependence on Him for all we need.  

The retreat is Catholic, with the Mass and sacraments available.  But we are open to any who feel led by God to attend. The retreats sometimes draw people who are not Catholic. In fact, one of our former attendees is Baptist and is now praying the Rosary because she “discovered her Mother, Our Lady” on the retreat simply by listening to us pray.

Cost is $75 per night, room and meals are included.


Please fill out the form below or contact:

Denise Archuleta, Colorado resident, at 206-779-0691

To learn more about Sr. Anne Marie Walsh, S.O.L.T. click here to Domus Trinitatis.

“Always stay close to this Heavenly Mother, because she is the sea to be crossed to reach the shores of Eternal Splendour.”
–Saint Padre Pio, 1887-1968 AD

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St. Peregrine, the Patron Saint of Cancer, Feast Day May 1.

Dear Ladies,

I came across a YouTube video on the history of St. Peregrine while searching for a helpful video to share with you all.  I feel like I have a relationship with this Saint, the Patron Saint of Cancer and those who are seriously ill.  I prayed for his intercession regularly during the course of my ovarian cancer and requested his help to prevent my sister from having ovarian cancer.  I did not know that his Feast Day is May 1 until I watched the YouTube video.

He was on my mind most of the day today. There is a feeling within that I have not spoken of him with due frequency.  Sharing his Feast Day with you now reaffirms to me that he looks after us, those of us who are very sick.

All I can say is that my true witness comes from this situation when I was praying for my sister.  She and I carry the same mutation, BRCA1. Several years ago she was having abdominal problems that sounded like ovarian cancer, and or primary peritoneal cancer.  I prayed for days on end to St.Peregrine for I love my sister so much, she has 2 girls and she and her husband had adopted them from China.  She suffered greatly also from Celiac disease.

My sister met me in the hospital while I was having an infusion to tell me the results of her CT scan, and it was negative, Praise God.  I was so joyful and she was greatly relieved, smiling widely from ear to ear.  As we got into the elevator a doctor followed us.  As he was stepping into the elevator a nurse called out to him that he had a message, and he acknowledged that he would check it when he got to his office.  She called out to him as Dr. Peregrine.  I took notice immediately.

Once the elevator door closed, he looked into my eyes in a way that I felt he wanted me to notice him, he wanted me to also acknowledge “who” he was.  I did, I smiled, and that was it.  He went on his way. Please pray for the intercession of St. Peregrine and follow the videos below.  The prayer video is especially helpful.

We have lost two dear friends, Karen Saldate and Maria del Rosario Hernandez.  As we pray for their souls and for their families let us be reminded of the light and love they offered during our retreat last year.  Their stories of kindness, family, hope and love for Jesus and Our Blessed Mother remain.

A very special thanks must go to Sr. Anne Marie Walsh as she was directly involved with their care, especially with Karen.  Sr. Anne has been such a blessing, responding to our calls without hesitation or reservation.  Thank you Sr. Anne Marie for your kind and loving prayers and care.

God is my light, my guide, my love.

May Karen and Maria Rest In Peace.

The History of St. Peregrine

Prayer to St. Peregrine

Peace and Blessings from Denise Archuleta



The Season Of Lent

This is a post from Denise Archuleta.  It is so important that you know the Love of God during Lent, a must for your personal healing and salvation.  It has been over 7 years since my diagnosis of stage IIIC ovarian cancer and not one day goes by without thanking the Lord and Our Blessed Mother for this life I live.  I no longer question why the circumstances around my diagnosis and continued survival exist.

I only know that it is.  Our retreats for women with cancer help us to become united with Jesus, the one who truly knows suffering at the deepest level.  He is our true friend, our true love.

I pray that this season brings you closer to His love.

“Lent in the Shadow of Cancer”

About Lent

Peace and Blessings,



Welcome to Facing Our Immortality

For our dear sisters and brothers who have faith that Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother do offer a lighted hand to lift us out of fear into completeness, welcome. My name is Denise Archuleta, aka Servivorgirl, and this is Sr. Anne Marie Walsh S.O.L.T. Together we have founded Facing Our Immortality.

Facing Our Immortality is a cancer ministry based on the principles of Catholic teaching that offers monthly support groups and specialized retreats for people who have been impacted by cancer.  We are open to anyone, as a patient, survivor, spouse, caregiver, loved one or surviving spouse.  You do not need to be Catholic to participate.

A few years ago my heart felt empty as I was unsuccessful in finding a faith based retreat for women with cancer. I did find cancer getaways, yoga retreats and outdoor activity retreats that built community, but found nothing to address my soul. I needed to strengthen my relationship with Christ, now that my life had been altered due to cancer. I was craving a place where I could heal spiritually from the ravages set against my body and spirit as a result of my ongoing cancer ordeal.

After much research on the internet I found that Our Lady Of Corpus Christi offered healing retreats based on the Spiritual Exericses of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  I attended my first retreat in January of 2015 and found the experience so fulfilling that I asked them if they would work with me to design one for people with cancer.  They agreed and by September of 2015 we held our first “Retreat For Women With Cancer”, led by Sr. Anne Marie Walsh of the Society of The Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).  We were all so inspired because we were touched by the hand of God.  Since then I have moved to Colorado and we now serve in both Colorado and Iowa, where Sr. Anne Marie currently resides.

The success of Facing Our Immortality has been born of Sr. Anne Marie Walsh’s compassion, experience with cancer and her ability to cultivate a poetic read on our condition, and relief from it, by living The Cross. We invite you to read her beautiful post about Facing Our Immortality by linking here.

God Bless you in the spirit of our Blessed Mother