Welcome to Facing Our Immortality

For our dear sisters who have faith that Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother do offer lighted hand to lift us out of fear into completeness, welcome. My name is Denise Archuleta, aka Servivorgirl, and this is Sr. Anne Marie Walsh S.O.L.T. Our first retreat took place in September of 2015, with the loving support of  Sr. Laudem Gloriae S.O.L.T and Fr. Dan Estes of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity.  They brought Sr. Anne Marie and I together, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to bring these retreats to you.

A few years ago my heart felt empty as I searched endlessly for a retreat that combined spiritual faith based prayer and counseling that served women suffering from cancer. I did not find any to fill this need. I did however locate cancer getaways, yoga retreats and outdoor activity retreats that built community, but found nothing to address my soul in Christ. I was craving a place where I could heal from the ravages against body and spirit that involved communication and prayer with our Lord and his Blessed Mother Mary.

After much research on the internet I found that Our Lady Of Corpus Christi offered healing retreats based on the Spiritual Exericses of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  I attended my first retreat in January of 2015 and by September of 2015 we held our first “Retreat For Women With Cancer”.  It was a very special experience for the ladies and myself.  We were all so inspired because we were touched by the hand of God.  Sr. Anne became even more inspired and in September of 2016 our second retreat expanded by offering additional components of vital healing exercises and prayer to relieve us of our spiritual burdens.

So how did we become “Facing Our Immortality”?  Of all the links on this page, the one I describe here is where your heart will sing. The success of this retreat has been born of Sr. Anne Marie Walsh’s compassion, experience with cancer and ability to cultivate a poetic read on our condition, and relief from it, by living The Cross. Please read her post on Facing Our Immortality and we will post again soon.

God Bless you in the spirit of our Blessed Mother






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