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Joyful Hearts By Retreat’s Closing

This is the group of wonderful women who participated in this weekend’s Facing Our Immortality Retreat in Golden, CO. It was a retreat for women with cancer and was really incredible. These women are amazing. Many of them are dealing with 4th stage cancers but they have such strength and endurance and faith, and on this particular retreat, were given a special gift of joy after Fr. Joseph Tran came to hear Confessions and do the Anointing of the Sick. Fr. is pure joy himself as you can see in the picture. Sr. Hesed also participated with us in her first retreat of this type and was wonderful as well. The retreat is really powerful on so many different levels. We are hoping to get more response here in Iowa as there is nothing on this level offered anywhere else.  Watch for an article in Aleteia on this particular retreat coming up soon.



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Facing Our Immortality Cancer Ministry Facing Our Immortality is a cancer outreach ministry for those affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly. We desire for you a sense of community and renewal through Christ, supported by monthly virtual support groups as well as specialized retreats. Future retreats will take place at Domus Trinitatis https://www.homeofthetrinity.com/ Peace and Grace.

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  1. Carolyn Humphreys says

    Three cheers to all of you! I went on a breast cancer journey in 2013. It was a positive and educational experience. My oncologist encouraged me to write a book. I did so as a occupational therapist, cancer patient and Catholic. An author friend wrote this for the book. She died of cancer last year. LIVING THROUGH CANCER, A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CANCER RELATED CONCERNS by Carolyn Humphreys, OCDS, OTR/L is exactly what the title suggests. It is a practical, understandable book that addresses the concerns of persons who have cancer, and those who love them, and guides them through the disease above and beyond treatment. The book summarizes the tests to expect, the treatments that are available and the hurdles to be surmounted. And then there is this question: “What hidden gifts will cancer awaken in us?” What a positive approach! It is also a realistic one, one that hints at the hope threading throughout the whole book and presents cancer as an opportunity to learn and grow. The reality of cancer is not sugarcoated here. Reading the book is like making the journey with a trusted friend, one who has been down this road already, one who encourages us, gives practical help and carries with her the light of faith. “Cancer can open the door to faith, or draw us deeper into faith. . . . Faith in God leads to true peace of mind.” This book is full of helpful tips, from how to care for ourselves in realistic ways (“rest before becoming exhausted, find easier ways to do things.”) to suggestions on how to diminish negative thought patterns. We are advised how to think more positively, and given tools to help foster a more serene response to cancer’s trials. Stress, fear, humor and courage are addressed. Playfulness, perseverance and a host of other topics are dealt with in clear and useful ways. Resources are provided. Real life stories encourage us, and genuine inspiration flows from the pages. “The operative word isn’t cancer. It is how we respond to the cancer each day.” 138 pages May be ordered from http://www.amazon.com
    I also tried to get a spiritual journey for people with Cancer morning reflection at a local retreat house. A Sister who is a noted speaker and cancer survivor would give it. Only three signed up so it was cancelled. I am so glad YOU DID IT!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
    in His love,


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